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Animal Communicator / Healer, Certified Massage Therapist "Human & Equine", Reiki Energy Worker, Reflexologist, Kinesiologist, & Emotional Therapy Release from past trauma

Having become a Certified Massage Therapist for humans since 1988, I have practiced with many chiropractors, taught "Basics of Massage" at a local Vo-Tech School, been on-staff at the local YMCA and was even licensed as an EMT for four years. Reaching further into alternative health care, I have studied magnetic therapy, kinesiology, reflexology, nutrition, diet, supplements, and Reiki Energy Work. Learning other energy techniques have been extremely beneficial in dealing with victimized and emotionally abused patients who choose not to resort solely to drugs for relief.  

In 1998 I became a Certified Equine Massage Therapist and have so much enjoyed seeing the astounding results that I have worked with animals of all kinds. Cattle, horses, dogs, cats, monkeys, and iguanas have all been amazing to work with, as well as newborn calves and foals. 

As I explored the 'remote energy work' I have discovered that there is no end to energy and this therapy works just as successfully by connecting with the animal's energy through a picture.

When the veterinarian, trainer or human partner can't seem to get to the bottom of the issue, the energy work has been found to be very successful in many cases.

The Basics of Energy Work  
All living creatures are a complex combination of physical, mental and emotional levels.  Any or all of these becoming imbalanced can cause a problem in the body.  Accidents, injuries, illnesses, or emotional traumas are all sources of imbalance.  Our veterinarian is very well equipped to handle physical problems but at times there is also an emotional situation that remains after they physical wounds are healed. 

 Fear, anxiety and misunderstanding cause imbalance in the system.  This negative energy can cause blockages along the energy fields of the body, commonly referred to as chakras or meridians.   Our energy force flows along these electrical channels and have been photographed using infrared photography.  This is all scientifically proven.

 We all possess the gift to share the energy that is in our bodies. Learning to direct and use this is a wonderful opportunity for us to benefit not only our horses, but ourselves as well.

 By using the natural God-given energy that we all possess,  a person is able to open up the blocked energy fields, allowing for the full strength of the body to heal itself with complete balance.

At our fingertips we emit electromagnetic pulsing (energy) that connects with that of the other body.  By using that,  we open up these electrical energy fields to allow the free flowing of energy to then do its work of naturally healing.  This will benefit the receiver of all levels,  physical, mental and emotional.

 This technique works ONLY if it is love-based.  If the purpose of the human is to benefit financially or to win at all costs,  this will not work.  The horse' energy will connect with that right away. As an advocate of the horse,  we want only what is best for him. If his heart and body are able to do what we will ask him,  he will achieve those goals.  Remember,, this is a relationship, based on love, trust and communication.  A horse never lies,,  nor does he believe a lie.


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