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As a child I wondered if I pick a flower "does it cry"?

Growing up in a family where we moved very frequently due to my father’s work. My awareness of knowing and seeing spirits was normal to me. The year 2007, was a huge opening of Spirit, the spirits of people who had died came to me seeking help in finding the light to God. My Mother also had died, while spreading her ashes at the lake, I experienced the earth power of the Kundalini. A Native American elderly man dressed in buckskin, and holding 2 eagle feathers in his right hand, stood in front of me, he said, "The earth is changing, the earth is changing if we do not change all will be lost. Many will leave but, we will stay and teach the children”.

The Language of Light was also given to me at the same time. I went to Santa Rosa, California in 2010. I began an internship with Art Runningbear, Apache Medicine man 7th generation.  I learned and practiced the knowledge of the Power of Energy Medicine as well as Spirit. A year later I returned to Drumright Oklahoma, I opened the Love and Life Center, helping and teaching all who walked thru my door seeking love and healing.

 I am now in Tulsa Ok, Working at Earth and Soul and Stone and Feather.

Best Wishes, Love and Light,

-Tasana Howard

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