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With a dedication to the spiritual evolution of the earth and the spiritual journey of our soul, Earth and Soul carries the supplies needed for you to practice, learn, and find your path. From crystals, herbs, and essential oils to candles, books, and tarot cards, everything we offer promotes peace, love, and light. We don’t care if you’re a new-age guru or visiting us for the very first time -- this is a safe place to ask any and all questions without judgment. You can hang out and relax a little, have a chat, and just enjoy the energy. 

Everyone here cares about your growth, healing, and journey -- no matter your path!

Offering Metaphysical and Magical Supplies for

Spiritual Growth and Self-Empowerment

Woman Veteran Owned


 Since 2006

150+ Herbs ~ 30+ Essential Oils ~ Herbal Supplements ~ Music ~ Candles ~ Local Artisan Items ~ Stones ~ Clothing ~ Jewelry ~ Tarot and Oracle Card Sets ~ Books ~ 150+ Incense Scents ~ & More

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